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Mark Degenhardt Business Advisor Since 1988.

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Business Advisor
Mark Degenhardt is CMG’s
Managing Partner.  

Mark holds the highest standard of fiduciary duty and integrity and applies all to the CMG Business Services. Mark is talented in solving complex finance, communication, negotiation, collection and overall business issues. He’ll resolve your asset issues and help you achieve your greatest potential – giving you skills that will serve you for a lifetime.

He’ll use his creativity and decades of experience to ensure that you get the best business advisor, backed by research of facts, and a clear understanding of your situation. Mark, your business advisor, will see your projects through to completion, as if they were his own.

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CMG’s process is totally responsive to the desired outcomes of the Client.

CMG is About Meeting the Needs of Our Clients!

Managing Partner Mark Degenhardt & John Wayne CMG advisor - Click the pic for interview.

CMG Business Consulting Since 1988 & p[project management

Business Consulting and Personal Business Consulting are the core services at Communications Management Group – CMG. Managing partner and founder, Mark Degenhardt, business advisor to businesses, individuals and families.

CMG helps businesses and individuals achieve their goals, complete critical projects, and resolve asset issues.  CMG’s principal, Mark Degenhardt, has proven throughout his long-standing career there is nothing he can’t do.  Mark leverages his professional network with master communication, negotiation, and fiduciary skills, to save you time and make you money.  

CMG PM Project Management 30+ years of experience

Our Project Management goal is to get your projects completed on time and on budget. This will free up your time so you can continue to focus on day to day while we help you achieve your long and short term goals. We are here to make sure everything that you need, gets done!  Here’s a small sampling of the type of projects that Communications Management Group specializes in both Personal & Business Consulting & all CMG Business Services:

As your business advisor and project manager, Mark will see that your goals are achieved on time and on budget.

CMG Asset Issues Resolution for Individuals, Families & Business

Our Asset Issue Resolutions (AIR) services assist with all issues related to personal tangible assets. These problems are usually brought on by: downsizing, divorce, death, illness, business issues or economic changes. These intense events generally require a lot of personal effort, we are here to relieve you of these burdens.

Allow us to provide the path to resolution. You’ll feel light as AIR. We’ll save and make you money, all you have to do is call the shots!

After assessing your non-performing and/or unwanted tangible assets your consultant, Mark, provides extensive research and clear strategies to help you make an informed decision. Then you’re free to proceed on your own, or contract Mark to see your project through to completion. He will see that your asset retention, improvement and/or liquidation is completed with the utmost attention to detail and greatest return for your benefit.

Core Values

Fiduciary Duty

Mark understands his fiduciary duty and in all of his work, acts in the best interest of the client.


He communicates clearly with the client’s other professional service providers to relieve asset problems effectively by coordinating simple actionable plans for all parties.

Time Management

He effectively and efficiently eliminates time and resource interruptions while managing his client’s projects consistently delivering on time, and budget.


Researching and presenting creative solutions as a liaison between the client, their team and associates, Mark ensures you’re informed for solid decisions regarding asset or business issues.


Mark is a master of the art of negotiation. He uses this skill to increase the earning and saving potential for his clients.

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"Mark worked with me on such a diverse set of tangible assets that it was hard to believe that he met my 2 month time frame. Rock’n Roll signed guitars, signed sports memorabilia, Antarctica expedition collectibles and very expensive oil paintings were all expeditiously and successfully taken care of by Mark. He even took care of stuff that had no real value, had my 5 acres cleaned and organized and cleared out my very large garage and basement areas. Mark is honest, detailed, intelligent and fast."
Sonora, CA
“Mark’s adaptability with clients and projects has led him to be successful with a number of projects in our local business community. His flexibility allows him to quickly switch tactics if the customer changes their mind about something at the last minute. Mark makes a quick connection with customers and his relentless perseverance to stay on task, on behalf of the customer, has led to satisfied customers happy and successful projects.”
Debbie Ponte
Executive Director, Destination Angels Camp

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