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CMG AIR Mark Degenhardt Managing Partner & John Wayne Advisor
Business Consulting for Individuals & Businesses ConsultingOutstanding Project Management by The Hour or by The Project
Communications Management Group's Business Project Management & Personal Business Management Services

Provides a process totally responsive to the desired outcomes of the client

CMG AIR is Personal Business Management pricing by the hour or by the project

CMG’s Personal Business Management services assist with downsizing, divorce, death, illness, family business issues and economic changes. These intense events generally require lots of personal effort.

Allow the CMG AIR personal business management service to provide the path to Asset Issues Resolution – AIR.

AIR Saves You Money                                  AIR Makes You Money

CMG’s services expose non-performing and/or unwanted tangible assets & real estate. Your AIR adviser provides extensive research and clear path options to enhance your decision-making processes. The path options lead to asset retention, asset improvement and/or asset liquidation.

Communications Management Group's Business Project Management Services by the hour or by the project

CMG’s Business Consulting Solutions & Project Management goal is to free up the Owner’s and Manager’s time.  They can then focus on her or his “core” revenue generating aspects of the business.

  • Assets researched, negotiated, sold or purchased.
  • Projects-Large, Medium & Small – Indoor & Outdoor
  • Specialty Collections of A/R over 90 days past due
  • Equipment purchases research, vetting, negotiating & delivery
  • Financial Statements efficiency reviews.

As your business adviser, CMG accomplishes this task by consulting on projects and/or managing projects.  These are small to large projects that are on the “peripheral” of the core revenue generating business.

Core Values

Time Management

CMG effectively and efficiently eliminates interruptions on your time and resources. Manages all processes involved with our client’s projects and goals.


CMG facilitates clear communications, actions and results with the client’s professional service providers to resolve asset problems effectively.


CMG is a liaison between our client and their professionals gathering information so our clients can make informed, solid decisions regarding their tangible assets issues.


Calaveras Winegrape Alliance

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County of Calaveras

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  • "Mark’s readiness to explore options for review and his understanding of how options can affect the outcome of projects is a unique talent."

    Dennis Mills Calaveras County Supervisor
  • "My husband and I met Mark Degenhardt the beginning of 2017 when we discovered he had a passion for helping businesses with project management and financial solutions.  As the CFO of our company, I had never thought of the possibility of finding anyone who could help to collect our accounts receivables.   Such a unique professional calling was intriguing, exciting and encouraging to my husband and me.  In our case, we had long standing accounts receivable issues amounting upwards of $200,000.  Within one year we collected over 50% owed to us, and we are on target for 100% by the end of this year.   Not only did Mark help us with our AR and client contracts, he empowered our clients with creative solutions for their own financial AP issues.  Mark helped me to be accountable to this process through his positive attitude, initiative, organization, and follow through.  He has also helped me gain clarity, focus, and direction in our business financials. We've been in business since 2004 and for the first time in 14 years I am in a position to make informed financial decisions for our company.    Knowing Mark is there to call on gives me a sense of security and confidence.  Once you identify what you need, be prepared to see results with Mark Degenhardt!" Business Owner Calaveras County

    Business Owner Calaveras County Family Business
  • “Mark, I have really enjoyed working with you before and after we worked out all the little bumps in the road! I thank you for the work you have done on my behalf. You have the energy of 10 men! I don’t know how you do it!!"

    Karen, Greenhorn Creek City Resident Angels Camp
  • "Mark, A word of thanks for your faith and trust in me as a Financial Advisor to your clients.  It is a pleasure to work with someone like you that has the same concern and consideration for the well-being of your clients as I have for mine.  I know how thorough you are in managing your clients needs.  It is a true testament to your character and commitment to serve.  Keep up the good work. Best." Brian J. Tewksbury Murphys, CA

    Brian Tewksbury Insurance Financial Advisor
  • "Mark has been a member of our business association for the past two years.  He has helped with a number of our community events volunteering his time and sharing his ideas to support the efforts of our business association. He could be counted on to “help in a pinch” and always did so with a positive “can do” approach." Dwayne Garcia Angels Camp Business Association President, 2017, 2018

    Dwayne Garcia ACBA President
  • “Mark’s adaptability with clients and projects has led him to be successful with a number of projects in our local business community. His flexibility allows him to quickly switch tactics if the customer changes their mind about something at the last minute. Mark makes a quick connection with customers and his relentless perseverance to stay on task, on behalf of the customer, has led to satisfied customers happy and successful projects.” Debbie Ponte, Executive Director Destination Angels Camp

    Debbie Ponte Executive Director
  • “Mark brings rational thinking, business savvy, and uncompromising persistence to his projects. I’m impressed by his ability to deftly handle sensitive engagements to ensure projects are completed on time to the client’s specifications. Even when multiple stakeholders are involved, he’s able to keep the big picture in focus and everyone on track. He is an asset to any project.”

    • Beth Makosey Principal, Makosey Communications

    Beth Makosey Makosey Communicatoions
  • "My brother was burnt out in the Butte Fire and he was very ill.  He was referred to CMG AIR services and Mark Degenhardt.  CMG successfully attained County Building permits for a PG&E pole/electricity and a temporary living quarters pad site.  CMG vetted and hired a Trust Attorney to handle the legal aspects.  CMG did the paper work for the $50K one-time payment from PG&E and assisted with completing the inventory of lost assets in the fire for the Class Action attorneys.  Mark was my brother’s executor of his Will & the probate of his estate after his passing.  Mark went above and beyond his typical services offering for my brother and the care he required." Debra Mountain Ranch, CA

  • “There is no end to assets that individuals and family-owned businesses have in ‘inventory’ and would like to sell or improve utilization of.  Most don’t have the time or expertise to figure out the ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘when’ of how to do it. Mark can, does and will.” Lynda Davis Jamestown Mercantile & Antiques Jamestown, CA

    Lynda Davis Jamestown Mercantile & Antiques
  • "Mark Degenhardt has hit upon a brilliant and simple concept... he puts professionals together to support high net worth clients to save them time and money. Project management when his clients need it.  Mark's expertise in the field of finance is outstanding. His clients could not be in better hands." Laura Biche Senior Mortgage Advisor, San Francisco

    Laura Biche General Mortgage Capital Corporation
  • "Mark is a consummate professional who delivers what he says he will deliver. He is a person of utmost integrity, not only in his business dealings but in his personal relationships as well. He is without a doubt the most creative and complete marketer and negotiator I have ever known and worked with. His network of satisfied business and professional leaders is a tribute to his ability to deliver results." Michael Chamness, Principal The Strategic Alliance

    Michael Chamness Strategic Alliance
  • "Organized, great communicator, efficient and professional. You can't go wrong with Mark at CMG AIR - Asset Issues Resolution." Nhu, Murphys, CA

    Nhu Bergstrom NhuDesign Web Designer/Developer, Murphys
  • If one is looking for absolute integrity, creativity in the service of listening and you have the good fortune to have Mark Degenhardt on your team, leading your team or to be your team…Be happy don’t worry….All that can be done will be done in an organized, thorough and tireless effort.  For Mr. Degenhardt success is a very personal quest he succeeds at…

    Joseph F. Jackson Chicago, IL
  • In my 20 years with AT&T I have supported hundreds of account directors, and Mark is number one when it comes to effectiveness and overall leadership. He has an amazing talent for building internal and customer relationships.  Mark will do whatever it takes to get the job done, assuring that all parties understand. It was a privilege to have worked with him.

    Mary Jo Sutton San Jose, CA
  • Mark Degenhardt is an extremely talented individual. He understands the financial aspects of business and he possesses outstanding knowledge and leadership skills. Mark is able to earn people's trust and confidence quickly and he knows how to motivate others to excel in whatever may be their endeavor.

    Bob Wolf NY, NY
  • Mark has an unusual ability to stay focused on the big picture, yet maintain the grasp of the details of, often, many smaller components, to that big picture. As part of this skill, he knows when to effectively delegate and when he needs to jump in!

    J. Gabriel (Gabe) Meier San Jose, CA
  • I have known and have worked with Mark Degenhardt for nearly 25 years.  His integrity is built on a foundation of strong values, and his reliability is unequalled.   Always putting other people first, Mark is a model and loyal leader.  His personality is one, which attracts "winners" and his style projects a bottom line professional aura, which is lacking in many business leaders today.

    Mike Chamness Portland, OR
  • In difficult business transactions, complicated with family members, ex-spouses, multiple business partners or any situation where tact, a professional approach and timely multiple actions are required, Mark shines.

    Ian Parker San Jose, CA
  • Given the condition of the rental property, it needed significant cosmetic prep before being able to sell. Mark hired an interior designer with whom he worked to determine the most cost-effective improvements to make the home appealing both curbside and inside. Mark negotiated and managed the multiple contractors to complete the work as quickly as possible in order to get the home on the market. He also managed all communications, paperwork and legwork with the real estate agent. He continued to manage the entire project for me through the final sale in less than 6 months.

    Peter & Renee Livermore, CA
  • Even though this is a letter of reference it is also a letter of many thanks from my wife, our children and myself! The most amazing thing about working with you was that you were as concerned about our needs as you were for our new business partner/relative that hired you.

    Peter & Renee Livermore, CA
  • His thorough follow through, attention to detail and timely responsiveness is outstanding.

    Lynn Sonora, CA
  • Mark worked with me on such a diverse set of tangible assets that it was hard to believe that he met my 2 month time frame. Rock’n Roll signed guitars, signed sports memorabilia, Antarctica expedition collectibles and very expensive oil paintings were all expeditiously and successfully taken care of by Mark. He even took care of stuff that had no real value, had my 5 acres cleaned and organized and cleared out my very large garage and basement areas. Mark is honest, detailed, intelligent and fast.

    Thomas Sonora, CA
  • "The path that you laid out for the home to be sold was a stroke of genius. Hiring a San Francisco interior designer, a top of the line painter and carpenter did make all of the difference in the home selling well above what any of us thought that it would sell for. From the interior to the exterior to the agreement we signed you sought out expert advice and expert individuals to perform the work."

    Peter & Renee Livermore, CA
  • "I want to thank you for the work you have performed on my behalf during the past year. As you know, it has been a challenge to settle matters involving my family and or my former husband. You have dealt with each promptly, professionally and objectively. You are the consummate negotiator, always representing my best interest"

    Sandy El Granada, CA
  • There is no end to assets that individuals and family-owned businesses have in ‘inventory’ and would like to sell or improve utilization of. Most don’t have the time or expertise to figure out the ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘when’ of how to do it. Mark can, does and will.

    Lynda Jamestown, CA
  • He is diplomatic, responsive and the best negotiator you could ever have on your side.

    Lynn Sonora, CA

“Your process of planning a strategy to liquidate the house to satisfy our partner’s need to attain some liquidity was amazingly done by listening to her and us completely. Along with her need for liquidity you were able to assist us in our need not to totally disrupt our family day to day living and to limit our down side market exposure. You attained all of our goals.”

– Peter A.

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