Assets Issues Resolution

Asset Issues Resolution (AIR)

Utilized in both Personal Business Consulting & Business Consulting

Asset Issues Resolution needs stem from events such as downsizing, illness, divorce, death, family business in turmoil and economic changes expose non-performing and/or unwanted tangible assets. These events generally require lots of personal effort. Allow our AIR service to lift this burden.  Asset Issues Resolution CMG Consulting Mark provides extensive research and the clearly outlines your best options so you can decide how to best leverage your assets through retention, improvement, and/or liquidation.  

Get The Most Out of Your Assets

The times when under performing assets are generally exposed are usually some of the most trying times in life; death, illness, divorce, downsizing, moving, etc… The benefits of hiring a professional to assist you during these incredible stressful, and often emotionally draining times are huge. We provide relief and ensure you’re getting the most out of your assets and help you to make the best of every situation:

  • focusing on your goals and desired outcome
  • effectively and efficiently eliminating interruptions on your time and resources
  • facilitate clear communications, actions and results with the client’s professional service providers to resolve asset problems effectively
  • acting as your liaison between a team of professionals gathering information so you can make informed, solid decisions regarding your tangible assets issues
  • manage all tasks, budgets, and timelines to complete projects and reach your goals

Mark will gather solid, relevant information from you, asset experts, and your professional service providers. He will advise on and present the information to you in a personalized, logical format and providing you the best strategies to achieve your goals. Mark will then direct professionals and skilled laborers on your behalf, to achieve your asset’s true potential.

Mark is not a:

  • Financial Advisor
  • Attorney
  • Estate Executor
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Mortgage Lender
  • Banker
  • Property Manager
  • CPA

However; Mark will manage all of these professionals, acting in your best interest to achieve an agreed upon level of asset performance.

Asset Issues Resolution CMG path

Mark developed the AIR concept after years of problem solving and troubleshooting for large corporations. Mark will be your personal business manager on a contract basis, using his skills to serve your needs…

What makes Mark ideal for this role? He:

  • has a strong reputation in both his business and personal life.
  • is experienced in managing business professionals.
  • understands the need to manage your professionals effectively.
  • understands financial processes, statements and ROI assessments.
  • understands the real estate sale, purchase and loan processes.
  • is a business strategist and tactician.
  • understands his fiduciary responsibility.
  • understands risk analysis and risk management.
  • understands high technology business applications.
  • effectively manages all appraisal & auction processes.
  • has 30+ years of experience as a Project and Business Manager.

Tangible Asset Areas of Focus:

  • Estate assets, Artwork & Collectible
  • Residential & Commercial Real Estate
  • Specialty Vehicles & Water Craft
  • Family Businesses Corporations & Business Partnerships
  • Insurance Loss Claims
  • Asset Issues Resolution types of CMG assets


Client’s Possible “Cause of Issues”:

  • Downsizing
  • Divorce
  • Death of a Spouse or Parent
  • Illness
  • Post Marital Settlement Agreement
  • Family Business Issues
  • Assets in distress due to the Economy


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Mark holds the highest standard of fiduciary duty and integrity. Mark is talented in solving complex finance, communication, negotiation, collection and overall business issues. He’ll resolve your asset issues and help you achieve your greatest potential – giving you skills that will serve you for a lifetime.

He’ll use his creativity and decades of experience to ensure that you get the best advice, backed by research of facts, and a clear understanding of your situation. Mark will see your projects through to completion, as if they were his own.

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