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Startup Consulting: Review, Planning, Prep, Execution

Startup Consulting with confidence in CMG’s 32 years of business expertise. Consult us for business planning, financial projections, strategy, operations, and execution. Mark Degenhardt has assisted new businesses and existing businesses alike, overcoming mountains and plateaus. Mark has a knack for breathing life into their plans with creative solutions to promote growth and overcome obstacles.

Startup advise with over 30 years of expertise

Mark understands business and people – he takes a practical approach to achieving your goals and applies cost effective solutions that work for your specific needs. He is the ideal partner for you to plan and launch your new business venture.  Startup Consulting CMG AIRHe will always be there after startup consulting with you as your business continues to grow. 

Mark knows effective strategies to help you through your business growing pains as you hire new employees, expand to new or larger locations, or decide to exit with succession planning and execution via existing staff or inter acquisition negotiations to free yourself up for your next venture.

A business startup consultant provides unbiased insight and valuable outside perspective to young companies.

Bring your idea to market with Mark, he is an expert at market exploration, and fast, creative, organized execution.





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Mark holds the highest standard of fiduciary duty and integrity. Mark is talented in solving complex finance, communication, negotiation, collection and overall business issues. He’ll resolve your asset issues and help you achieve your greatest potential – giving you skills that will serve you for a lifetime.

He’ll use his creativity and decades of experience to ensure that you get the best advice, backed by research of facts, and a clear understanding of your situation. Mark will see your projects through to completion, as if they were his own.

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CMG Business Consulting Managing Partner Mark Degenhardt & John Wayne Advisor

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