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CMG Business Consulting Managing Partner Mark Degenhardt & John Wayne Advisor
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Meet Mark Degenhardt

My business is Business Consulting, Project Management and Personal Business Consulting.

My career has revolved around Business Consulting managing multiple projects simultaneously for small, medium & enterprise size businesses and Personal Business Consulting for individuals and families.  I am a multi-dimensional analytical thinker with the ability to overcome obstacles, create advantages, negotiate successfully, win loyalties, and thrive under pressure.

Skills: Project Management, Business Analysis, finance, negotiations, communications and customer service are hallmarks of my skill set. I consistently bring projects in “on or under” budget and always on time. I possess the consistent ability to take on multiple projects with efficiency and success.

CMG Communications Management Group

Business Consulting & Project Management

CMG’s Business Consulting and Project Management goal is to free up the Owner’s or Manager’s time so they can focus on her or his “core” revenue generating business. CMG accomplishes this task by managing projects from small to large that are on the “peripheral” of the core revenue generating business. CMG works by the project or by the hour.

CMG is your “hired gun”

Everything is a project

CMG helps businesses achieve their goals, complete critical projects, and resolve asset issues. CMG’s principal, Mark Degenhardt, has proven throughout his long-standing career there is nothing he can’t do. Mark leverages his professional network with master communication, negotiation, and fiduciary skills, to save you time and make you money.

Mark Degenhardt, Managing Partner
30 Years’ Experience Since 1988
A Professional Service for busy, smart people with decisions to make

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CMG Asset Issues Resolution for Individuals, Families & Business

Personal Business Consulting

A professional service for busy, smart people with decisions to make.

Events such as downsizing, illness, divorce, death, family business in turmoil and economic changes expose non-performing and/or unwanted tangible assets. These events generally require lots of personal effort.  Allow the AIR service to provide the path to Asset Issues Resolution.  AIR provides extensive research and the clear options for the decision-making processes leading to asset retention, asset improvement and/or asset liquidation.

AIR provides a process totally responsive to the desired outcomes of the client.

  • AIR effectively and efficiently eliminates interruptions on your time and resources.
  • AIR facilitates clear communications, actions and results with the client’s professional service providers to resolve asset problems effectively.
  • AIR is a liaison between our client and their professionals gathering information so our clients can make informed, solid decisions regarding their tangible assets issues.
  • AIR manages all processes involved with our client’s projects and goals.  
  • AIR does NOT deal with cash, cash equivalents or investment securities issues.
“Mark’s process of planning a strategy to liquidate the house to satisfy our partner’s need to attain some liquidity was amazingly done by listening to her and us completely. Along with her need for liquidity you were able to assist us in our need not to totally disrupt our family day to day living and to limit our down side market exposure. You attained all of our goals.”
Livermore, CA

AIR’s Tangible Asset Areas of Focus:

Client’s Possible “Cause of Issues”:

Personal Business Consulting by The Hour

Mark Degenhardt will manage an asset resolution path of your choice by working with your:

Mark will gather solid, relevant information from you, asset experts and your professional service providers to present you a personalized set of resolution paths to choose from.  Mark will then direct your professionals, both skilled and unskilled, along your chosen resolution path to achieve your asset’s true potential.  When a resolution path is successfully established then confusion and monetary waste are eliminated.

Mark’s personal business consulting fee structure is $100 an hour

The first meeting is ALWAYS COMPLEMENTARY.   All outside professional service provider’s fees are separate and will be billed to the client at the professional’s agreed upon client rates.

Mark will manage all these professionals on your behalf to complete specific asset tasks that achieve an agreed upon level of asset performance.

Mark Degenhardt developed the personal Asset Issues Resolution concept after years of problem solving, troubleshooting and negotiating on behalf of small to enterprise size companies, business associates, friends and family. Mark will be your personal business manager on a contract basis.

Asset Issues Resolution FAQs

  1. CMG Business Consulting & Project Management – small to enterprise size corps
  2. CMG Personal Business Consulting AIR – Asset Issues Resolution for individuals & families
  1. CMG is Communications Management Group, Inc. a 30-year-old CA S Corp
  2. AIR is Asset Issues Resolution is a service for individuals & families with tangible asset issues. Mark created the term AIR services.
  1. When they are interested in downsizing, experienced an illness, a divorce, post marital settlement agreement issues, a death, difficult family financial issues, the family business is in turmoil & during extreme economic changes.
  1. Residential property both homes & rentals, apartment/duplex/4 plex buildings, collectable/specialty vehicles, RVs/travel trailers/campers, boats, businesses, art work, collectable estate assets, insurance loss claim collections and so much more.
  1. I have a BS in Banking, Finance & Business Admin.
  2. My business background consists of working in:
    1. 10+ years in retail/commercial banking in KC MO, of which 3 years I was Bank President of The Bank of Saint Joseph MO.
    2. 25 years in the San Francisco Bay Area as a financial project manager with enterprise corporation clients.
  1. I am not. I work directly with each of these types of professional service provides in Business Consulting & Project Management, Personal Business Consulting and CMG’s AIR services.
  1. NO – CMG’s goal is to work with the client’s professional service providers, it is NOT to bring about disruption to the client.
  2. CMG’s goal is to work closely with the client’s professional service providers by researching, gathering & providing all information the providers require to effectively advice the client.
  1. Specifically, CMG Personal Business Consulting gathers information from each of the client’s professional services providers as it pertains to the tangible assets at issue & the client’s tax situation. I have worked with Professional Service Providers for 35 years.
  2. CMG facilitates clear communications, actions & results with all client’s professional, skilled & unskilled service providers to insure asset issues are resolved effectively & efficiently.
  3. CMG then proceeds researching & gathering information from the experts in the field of the tangible asset to establish viable markets, asset value & advice on how to bring the best result.
  4. CMG then prepares 2 to 4 resolution paths & presents the paths to the client & the respective professional services provider to choose from.
  1. A resolution path are the steps that need to be taken to liquidate the tangible asset, improve the asset to a certain performance level, to change the up keep and storage method so the asset does not continue to depreciate, purchase more of the asset to bring about the highest ROI, etc.
  2. CMG project manages the chosen resolution path working with the client’s skilled & unskilled service providers to fruition. CMG works itself right out of a job.
  3. A well-established resolution path eliminates confusion & monetary waste.
  1. CMG charges $100 an hour. We do NOT take a percentage of sale price of an asset.  CMG is not always about selling assets.

Mark Degenhardt Business Bio

  • University of Missouri 1978

    Bachelors of Arts - Business
    Banking, Finance, Business

  • CMG Inc. Business Consulting & Project Management
    CMG AIR Asset Issues Resolution Personal Consulting
    1988 - Present
    2009 - Present

    Managing Partner
    San Francisco, CA, Sonora, CA, Murphys, CA

  • Strategic Alliance, Inc. (CMG Contract PM) 2011-2013

    Director of Northern CA, Bank Executive Relationsihps
    Sonora, CA

  • Collection Specialist (CMG Contract PM) 2009 - Present

    CMG Specialized Credit & Collection Service 120+ days
    San Francisco, CA, Sonora, CA, Murphys, CA

  • IT Contractor Staffing & PM (CMG Contract PM) 2003 - 2008

    Senior Business Development Manager and PM
    San Francisco, CA, Burlingame, CA

  • AT&T Global Enterprise 2000 - 2003

    Global Account Director, PM, BA
    San Francisco, CA

  • CMG, Inc. 1988 - Present

    Owner, PM, CA
    Burlingame, CA

  • The Bank of St. Joseph 1983 - 1987

    St. Joseph, MO

Mark Degenhardt – Resolution Artist

When a resolution path is successfully established then confusion and monetary waste are eliminated.

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