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Dennis Mills Supervisor Recommendation

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This letter of reference is to serve as an introduction for Mark Degenhardt and his company CMG, Inc. In the course of many meetings with Mark in both Calaveras County business and personal matters, he has demonstrated a willingness to spend the effort to fully understand the question or questions needing to be answered or the issues at hand. Mark has the capacity to assemble the team of experts necessary to address every aspect of the matter before him and those individuals on his team are capable of continuing in a direct or advisory capacity if needed. Mark’s readiness to explore options for review and his understanding of how options can affect the outcome of projects is a unique talent. Mark does not like to leave partial answers or unanswered questions in his work. You will find Mark able to engage at any level needed to accomplish the task set and he can respond quickly if needed, to specific issues. I am please to be a reference for Mark Degenhardt & CMG.


Dennis Mills

Member of the Board of Supervisors

Calaveras County[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]