Negotiation Is Key

Loyal and True Negotiator Knowing Negotiation is KEY

Mark Degenhardt is notorious among his business associates for two things, loyalty and knowing negotiation is key. This sets him apart
from the pack and makes him such a successful businessman.  They will all tell you he is the most loyal and true negotiator
they have ever known. This unique communication skill is not something that is easily learned or trained. Mark uses his skills to not only
negotiate on behalf of the client with the highest standard of fiduciary duty and tact; but to pass on what he knows so clients learn the
art of negotiation to serve them for the rest of their lives.

CMG knows Negotiation is Key

Due diligence to research assets

There are definitely some special business circumstances, business valuations, or purchasing; but for the most part, Mark uses
his negotiation skills to help clients in liquidating assets and family mediation during trying times, such as divorce, downsizing,
or carrying out the terms of a will or trust. Mark does his due diligence to research assets in question, thorough vetting of any necessary professional,
and bargain for the best interest of the client for all purchases, sales, or installations throughout the contract with the client.

Negotiate terms in your best interest

During his career Mark has negotiated and come to agreement terms under some of the most
extreme circumstances to our clients favor.  Only diligent tenacity of an experienced professional, work ethic of a hay bailer, and
heart of a horse breaker can really be credited for the seemingly miraculous terms and timelines Mark has achieved over the years.
Negotiation is Key!!

If you’d like to hear about some of these cases call Mark at 209-728-5162 or check out our case studies and client testimonials
on this website. They may sound like yarns, but they are true stories!  Our clients will proudly refer you to Mark to negotiate
the terms in your best interest.


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Mark holds the highest standard of fiduciary duty and integrity. Mark is talented in solving complex finance, communication, negotiation, collection and overall business issues. He’ll resolve your asset issues and help you achieve your greatest potential – giving you skills that will serve you for a lifetime.

He’ll use his creativity and decades of experience to ensure that you get the best advice, backed by research of facts, and a clear understanding of your situation. Mark will see your projects through to completion, as if they were his own.

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