Case Studies

Case Studies from over 30 Years of Service

Communication Management Group has a proven track record, meeting and exceeding client expectations.  The case studies described below, present some of the unique circumstances our clients bring to the table, and illustrates how CMG rises to the occasion to resolve the situation and produce the results to meet our client’s needs.  In each case, the problem, obstacle or opportunity was identified, a solution was devised and successfully executed to solve the problem or maximize the opportunity. Whether your challenges are improving profitability, collections, non-performing assets, driving down costs, delivering products and services in a timely manner, gaining operational efficiencies, improving customer service, or supporting a growth strategy, CMG can help.

CMG Asset Issues Resolution for Individuals, Families & Business

Family Asset Issues Resolution

Services Delivered: Asset Issues Resolution, Project Management, Real Estate Prep for Sale, Group Investment Mediation, Asset Liquidations, Family and Personal Business Consulting

Situation: This case involved joint ownership of a property in Livermore, CA – a family (Peter and Renee’s), purchased the home together with relatives (Sandy and her husband). The relatives were going through a complicated divorce settlement, forcing the sale of a property during a time when property value was quickly dropping.

Impact: Legal fees were pilling up due to litigation, value of the property was declining, a family needed to move with minimal disruption on their day-to-day life, a couple’s assets needed to be liquidated quickly without incurring more legal fees.

Goals: Sell the home within 6 months.

Actions Taken: Neutral assessment and formulation of an effective plan of action which was agreed upon by both parties, long and short-term needs were identified and the project plan was presented: focusing on improving curb appeal by hiring an interior designer, painter, and contractor to improve the overall cosmetics of the home.

Results: The home design was upgraded and with the added curb appeal the home sold in less than 2 months. The family was able to purchase their own home outright within a year and the divorcee was able to efficiently liquidate her assets and later contracted CMG to manage her properties while she traveling abroad. This was one of our favorite success stories, follow these links to read letters of recommendation and thanks from Sandy, and Peter and Renee.

CMG PM Project Management 30+ years of experience

Calaveras County Business Consulting & Project Management

Services Delivered: Business Project Management, Business Consulting

Situation: The Calaveras County Campus was in a state of under utilization; entire buildings were closed off, in need of repair or demolition. Several departments lacking storage, meeting or break areas and were positioned awkwardly in relation to other departments that would ideally be closer in proximity.   Security and accessibility were also prevalent problems.

Impact: Employees were forced to meet and break in awkward areas and storage space was encroaching on work areas and taking up valuable real estate where lack of meeting rooms and break areas were causing problems across several departments. Employees were spending extra time crossing campus to meet with other departments or access storage regularly extending the time needed for simple tasks. The special inefficiencies and awkward placements were becoming a liability and were costing the county money and the employees time. 

Goals: Utilize county campus and building more efficiently through strategically placing departments, in offices and buildings that are appropriate for their departments, allocating and eliminating storage spaces as needed, and more efficiently designing the office layouts to provide meeting and break areas to meet employee needs.

Actions Taken: Research and assessment were the entire County staff impacted was interviewed to get a comprehensive understanding of needs and deficiencies. Site review for lease and development potential. Prioritization of deficiencies, assessment and consideration of all missing functions on the campus, and identification of available or underutilized spaces. A space plan and comprehensive report detailing solutions and recommended plan to alleviate the space stress across departments was presented and accepted by the board.

Results: The immediate result was to move forward with demolition of the old jail and sheriffs office and to build a new building for the DA on that site. The Board of Supervisors did agree that all of the recommended solutions were solid and that they would be put on a future agenda. Follow this link to read a letter of reference from Dennis Mills of Calaveras County.

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