About Mark Degenhardt

About Mark Degenhardt Proudly Serving Clients Since 1988

CMG Asset Issues Resolution for Individuals, Families & Business

Everything is a Project – Business, Personal and Family events such as downsizing, illness, divorce, death, family business in turmoil and economic changes expose non-performing and/or unwanted tangible assets. These events generally require lots of personal effort. Allow us to provide the path to Asset Issues Resolution. After extensive research, we present clear resolution paths to choose from for asset retention, improvement,  and/or liquidation. You’ll feel light as AIR, or the job’s not done!

CMG PM Project Management 30+ years of experience

CMG’s Business and Personal Project Management goal is to free up the Owner’s or Manager’s time so they can focus on her or his “core” revenue generating business. CMG accomplishes this task by managing projects from small to large that are on the “peripheral” of the core revenue generating business.  It is all about freeing up your time and getting all of YOUR projects completed!

Mark Degenhardt

Mark holds the highest standard of fiduciary duty and integrity. Mark is talented in solving complex finance, communication, negotiation, collection and overall business issues. He’ll resolve your asset issues and help you achieve your greatest potential – giving you skills that will serve you for a lifetime.

He’ll use his creativity and decades of experience to ensure that you get the best advice, backed by research of facts, and a clear understanding of your situation.  Everything is a Project as such Mark is all about seeing your projects through to completion, as if they were his own.

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Mark has the heart of a father, a child’s curiosity, a hay bailer’s work ethic, a horse breaker’s passion, a bank president’s financial acumen, and negotiation skills of a global account executive.

CMG Business Consulting Managing Partner Mark Degenhardt & John Wayne Advisor
CMG advisor John Wayne & Mark Degenahrdt CMG Managing Partner

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Mark works with your Professionals:

Mark will manage all of these professionals on your behalf to complete specific asset tasks that achieve an agreed upon level of asset performance.

Mark is NOT an Attorney, a Realtor, a CPA or a Financial Advisor.

About Mark's Experience & Qualifications:

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