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Let Us Handle Your Move, Expansion, Addition, or Remodel….

Growth is one of the best parts of  success; but the repercussion of adding new location, expansion, or relocation of existing offices or homes are often outside the wheelhouse of everyone on the team or in the family. Communications Management Group (CMG) knows how to coordinate and manage your move with minimal disruption to your day-to-day.

save the headache

Let us handle the move to save you the headache, and allow you to continue to do what you do best. Coordinating a big move in-house can be a big mistake! Allow Mark to manage all the details, so you can have peace of mind. He has successfully managed the business and departmental moves, remodels, upgrades, additions, and expansions of enterprise, medium and small sized businesses.

Change Management Without Disruption

He will leverage his negotiation, project management, and master communication skills to ensure that this big change is managed without disrupting your core revenue stream or business operations.

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