Testimonial – Peter & Renee

Dear Mark,

Even though this is a letter of reference it is also a letter of many thanks from my wife, our children and myself! We appreciate all the effort that went into resolving this complex and multi-faceted situation we were unfortunately involved in. We appreciated having an enthusiastic neutral party to facilitate all of the problems that arose.

We were involved in a messy real estate situation. We had bought our house together with some relatives. Their side was divorcing, forcing a sale but making the execution of the sale almost impossible to handle. On top of that, the value of the house had dropped substantially since we bought it. We needed this situation to be handled expediently and professionally.

You were able to assess our situation from a neutral point of view and form an effective plan of action. Our side was mostly concerned with minimal disruption to our day-to-day living. The other side was involved in a complicated divorce settlement from which arose a number of problems. We both wanted to minimize the financial loss incurred. The divorce situation coupled with our need to sell quickly seemed an almost insurmountable task.

Your strategy to sell our house was expedient and very effective. We were impressed with the methodical way you approached this complicated task. You came to us with a list of long-term and short-term needs and goals. You laid out in detail each step and what was expected of us. You made it very clear what was expected of us in the short and long term. This allowed us to plan for the short-term and long-term needs of our family. You spent the time to pay close attention to the needs of both sides and we greatly appreciate the effective way you were able to execute this complicated process.

Once the process was set into motion you handled the day-to-day problems that arose. You hired the interior designer, painter, and contractor to fix the cosmetic problems and make the house much more attractive by adding ‘curb appeal’. You communicated quickly any problems that arose, and were extremely effective in finding solutions to everything. This whole process was handled legally and personally with the utmost integrity and expediency.

Our goal was to sell the house within a 6-month window, but it sold after less than 2 months on the market. This sale occurred during a huge downturn in the market and in the middle of ugly divorce proceedings. It was an amazing feat of coordination, patience, and strategy. Thanks to you we were able to avoid any further legal proceedings and put this matter to rest in the best possible way. Less than a year after this mess was over we were able to buy our own house (no family involvement this time!) and are very happy.

We are grateful to you for your efforts and diligence. Thank you Mark!

Peter and Renee