Testimonial – Sandy

My testimonial is a thank you for the work you have performed on my behalf during the past year. My testimonial of my satisfaction with the CMG AIR services are below.

As you know, it has been a challenge to settle matters involving my family and or my former husband. You have dealt with each promptly, professionally and objectively. You are the consummate negotiator, representing my best interest. It has been a huge relief to have you managing these various dealings. Please use this testimonial letter as my recommendation of your services. I would be glad to speak to anyone who might have questions.

I needed to sell my second car, a blue Porsche Boxter that I purchased to help a friend in need. Mark researched the value of the specialty car I wanted sold, advertised and found a buyer within 4 weeks. He took care of appointments to see the car, test drive and negotiated the price. This was all very time consuming and difficult for me to accomplish given my work load and other matters that required my time. I was glad to have the car sold for a fair price and to be relieved of the financial burden. Testimonial by owner of Porsche Boxter sold by CMG AIR

I was a financial partner with my niece, her husband and my ex-husband in property occupied by my niece and her family (husband and 2 children ages 4 and 2) in Livermore, CA. As part of the settlement with my ex-husband, I obtained his share of this property that had been purchased at the height of the market and now needed to be sold. This required Mark working with my niece and her husband Pete, on the need for them to relocate and continue to be responsible for their financial obligation until the property was sold. Given the condition of the property it needed significant cosmetic before being able to sell. It was located in an area of mixed value homes, had some desirable features and a difficult location to overcome. Mark hired an interior designer with whom he worked to determine the most cost effective improvements to make the home appealing both curbside and inside. Reference of rental house remodel project by CMG AIR Mark negotiated and managed the multiple contractors to complete the work as quickly as possible in order to get the home on the market. He also managed all communications, paperwork and legwork with the real estate agent. He met various contractors, the realtor and others at the property. He continued to manage the entire project for me through the final sale. This project began in January 2008 and escrow closed in early July 2008. Sandy's Livermore, CA rental updated for sale by CMG AIR

Also, I had Mark manage selection of tenants for me while I was traveling out of the country. Mark advertised and interviewed prospective tenants for my in-law unit that is downstairs in my home. He took care of coordinating showing the unit, screening, selecting tenants, the lease signing, deposits and all necessary work associated with step. When I returned home all had been completed and the new tenants moved in April 1st, 2008. They are still living in the unit and are exceptional tenants.

In difficult business transactions, complicated with family members, ex-spouses, or any situation where tact, a professional approach and timely multiple actions are required, Mark shines. His thorough follow through, attention to detail and timely responsiveness is outstanding. As a testimonial to Mark I highly recommend Mark to manage any transaction. He will take care of every thing from the beginning to the end as your representative. I was able to deal with the many other parts of my life and be assured that my best interest was being taken care of when Mark was handling my business. He is diplomatic, responsive and the best negotiator you could ever have on your side. Mark, thank you for representing me and completing the many tedious tasks required to successfully complete these projects.

Kind Regards,