Mark Degenhardt’s Biography


Mark’s business is Consulting, Project Management, Asset Issues Resolution, and Specialty Collections.

Before he began his career, Mark worked hard and long hours, as a hay bailer and a horse breaker! He developed some of the ethos that still serve him today, like working honest, smart, and helping as much as possible….

Once his career began… Lookout! Mark made huge difference as Bank President, easily tripling performance over 3 years.  Then, he moved on to serve in telecom as a Global Account Director, and finally worked as the Principal and Founder of Communications Management Group – where he still serves today. He strives to transform the lives and businesses of his clients with advise based on research and experience and helping them to leverage their assets.  He has a long track record of success over the last 30+ years.  Check out Mark’s LinkedIn profile to read more about his career, and previous contracts.

Career aside, Mark is a proud father and loyal friend to many. His friends won’t be shy to tell you that if Mark says, “You know I’d take a bullet for you!” You have a “loyal and faithful, friend for life. “

Circling back to his love for the mountains, Mark has migrated from the Silicon Valley to Murphys, California – where he currently resides at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He is a self proclaimed mountain man who has “hung up his saddle.” He was a passionate horse breaker, and  he always approaches his work as a hired gun, with that same heart and spirit. He is a notable fan of classic westerns, particularly John Wayne or Clint Eastwood films. I’m sure you can name a few – True Grit; The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly… Although, he loves cowboy movies, but let there be no confusion… He is no cowboy – he’s more of a mountain man!

“I never ran cows!” He’ll tell you with a grin.

None-the-less, prepare to expand your vocabulary with some old quotes from John Wayne, and mountaineering expressions. Mark has some colorful business and finance terms he has coined and borrowed throughout the years, like “grind em’ down!

His friends will tell you they trust he’d take a bullet for them and negotiate their most critical affairs with integrity and tact. Or they might say “He’s damn smart and hardheaded, won’t give up, and I’m pretty confident that he’ll get you what you want.” I know; because, they told me directly. 

Mark Degenhardt will tell you that he’s a proud father who has never: met a stranger, had an axe to grind, or worked with jackasses, thieves, or liars.  Although, he will and wants to, help as many people as he can. 

He’s a character and a brilliant businessman. You’ll be glad to meet Mark.

Mark Degenhardt
999 CA Hwy 4, PO Box 1581, Murphys, CA 95247


My career has revolved around managing multiple projects simultaneously for small, medium & enterprise size businesses and individuals/families with a net-worth of $3 million to $15 million. I am a multi-dimensional analytical thinker with the ability to overcome obstacles, create advantages, negotiate successfully, win loyalties, and thrive under pressure.

Skills: Project Management, Business Analysis, finance, negotiations, communications and customer service are hallmarks of my skill set. I consistently bring projects in “on or under” budget and always on time. I possess the consistent ability to take on multiple projects with efficiency and success.

Bachelor’s Degree 1978
University of Missouri, Columbia, MO
Banking, Finance, Business

CMG, Inc. Business Project Management 1988 – Present
CMG AIR Asset Issues Resolution 2008 – Present
Burlingame, CA, San Francisco, CA, Sonora, CA, Murphys, CA
Managing Partner

Strategic Alliance, Inc. (CMG Contract PM) 2011 – 2013
Sonora, CA
Director of Northern CA Bank Executive Relationships

Collection Specialist (CMG PM) 2009 – Present
San Francisco, CA, Sonora, CA, Murphys, CA
CMG Specialized Credit & Collection Service 120+ days

IT Contractor Staffing & PM (CMG Contract PM) 2003 – 2008
San Francisco, CA, Burlingame, CA
Senior Business Development Manager and PM

AT&T Global Enterprise 2000 – 2003
San Francisco, CA
Global Account Director, PM, BA

CMG, Inc. 1988 – to Present
Burlingame, CA, San Francisco, CA
Owner, PM, BA

The Bank of St. Joseph 1983 – 1987
St. Joseph, MO

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