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He’s a straight shooter!

Mark will gather solid, relevant information from you, asset experts and your professional service providers and provide that information to you in a personalized, logical format with an associated resolution path. Mark will then direct your professionals on your behalf and carefully chosen skilled and unskilled professionals to achieve your asset’s true potential. When a resolution path is successfully established then confusion and monetary waste are eliminated.

Our Project Management goal is to free up the Owner’s or Manager’s time so they can focus on  “core” revenue generating business. We accomplish this task by managing projects from small to large that are on the “peripheral” of the core revenue generating business. Most importantly, our projects are consistently delivered on time, budget, and scope.

face the facts

Taking care of business means having to deal with the occasional adverse issue, but when things start to go south repeatedly, you need face the facts and take care of the source of the problem immediately. Having a trusted adviser to help you navigate through ineffective and tired processes – can drastically improve your life. We can help you pin-point new techniques and strategies that will help you avoid issues before they start. We have assisted clients with many problems, including budgeting, cash flow forecasting, merger and acquisition planning, divestiture planning, compensation, and strategic planning. We offer several consulting services to fit your needs. We apply our experience and best practices to help your outcomes and profitability. Even the most complicated financials are no match for us, we’ll break them down into simple management issues with a workable solution.


Consultant at work, hired gun at heart – here to help you solve your greatest problems. If you don’t feel light as AIR, the job’s not done! 

"What makes 'em tick?"


Work ourselves out of a job by guiding you as you overcome your greatest challenges. At all levels of service, from consultations and projects, to long term retainers; we’ll replace your burdens with victories in perpetuity.


Communication, Negotiation, Fiduciary Duty, Efficiency, Strategy

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Asset research, vetting, negotiating, purchasing, installing or selling


Locate Experts for any task: finding, vetting, pricing, managing.


Move to a new location coordination & management.


Financial Statement efficiency reviews.


Specialized Receivables Collections.


Business startup planning & implementation.


Budget organization, planning & execution.


Business structure review i.e. sole proprietorship, S Corp, LLC, C Corp.


Real Estate purchasing, leasing, prep for sale, renovations, expansion & add-ons.


IT equipment, connectivity and trouble shooting

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